SquareEyes TV guide

Change log

DateVersion Changes and Notes
27/08/08 Beta 1 First public release
28/08/08 Beta 2 Fixed bug : Refresh a single service deleted all data
Fixed bug : Programmes with an empty description were not displayed
Change : Launch web site button uses default browser (rather than IE)
Change : Improvements to filtering
13/09/08 Beta 3 Fixed bug : When searching for a description, any programmes with a null description are shown
Fixed bug : If a channel is removed then it remains in the database
Change : DAT file last download function improved
Added feature : Search IMDB for title
Beta 4 Added : Progress bar in status strip
Fixed bug : IMDB function now inside a try/catch, could cause an exception if no cells were selected
Change : Added min and max sizes to main form
Change : Icon on main form now the same as the application icon
Beta 5 Added : Button to delete files in cache folder
Beta 6 Corrected spelling mistake
Changed 'first run' method
Added 'select all' and 'select none' buttons to channel selection
Moved focus to grid after film filter selection
Beta 7 Changes to take account of copyright warning added to all dat files
Changes to work with UTF-8 unicode

Known issues